Fish Northwestern Ontario with the Guse’s!

In 1987, our father, Steve Guse, retired from The Air Force and ventured into a new chapter by acquiring Big Canon Lake Lodge. During our high school and college years, we immersed ourselves in the camp life, learning side by side with our father. Post-college, we decided to continue the legacy and, in 1993, purchased North Star Lodge. When our father passed in 2005, we took the helm, transforming his retirement hobby into a profound commitment.

What began as a retirement endeavor has evolved into a significant part of our lives. In the face of changing times, we’ve adapted, thankful for the robust business foundation our father built. These lodges are not merely our jobs; they are our livelihood, woven into the fabric of our family.

Beyond business, our mission is clear: to bring joy and craft the most unforgettable fishing experiences for our guests. We aim to exceed expectations, offering more than what one would anticipate from “a camp in the bush.”

Stan and Sam Guse